United British Power
UBP is our brand that looks after our UK customers, we are on hand to assist your business contributions towards the UKs Emergency Carbon Statement. With the UK being a net importer of energy its crucial we understand our energy needs. Not sure where to start? Unite with us now.
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Climate Change Agreement (CCA)
A Climate Change Agreement (CCA) is a voluntary agreement allowing businesses in high energy industires to recieve a discount on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) that they pay. The CCL is a tax added to electricity, fuels and gas bills of your compant if you are in the Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural or Public Service Sector. By signing up to a CCA, your business can recieve savings up to 92% on the CCL, depending on your business this can mean thousands of savings per year!
The scheme was implemented in 2013 by the Environment Agency to encourage businesses to reach enerygy efficiency and carbon saving targets in the 'Energy Intensive' sectors.
If you have more than one facility in the same sector, these could hold individual CCA's for each, or choose to group them together under one CCA with the target theb be shared across the grouped facilities.
The United Power Group has helped many of our clients successfully reduce the cost of their energy bills and minimise their carbon emissions through implementing Climate Change Agreements.
Power Factor
Power Factor is the difference between real power, useful power needed to perform a task and reactive power, power drawn in addition to useful power but does not contribute to the task.
The ultimate, desired Power Factor is 1.00PF (100% efficiency). Although most machinery operates at a much lower efficiency, or Power Factor, when the effects are accumulated on a electrical supply, the results can be as low as 0.50PF and commonly around 0.80PF on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply.
A typical uncorrected electrical load will operate in the region of 0.80PF (80% efficiency) and would consume 20% more power, and will therefore result in an increased demand by 20% and resulting in higher energy bills.
Other electrical supplies operating on much lower uncorrected Power Factors could be consuming in excess of 50% more power and risk potential overload and loss of electrical supply.
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